Matthew 5 (Study Help)

Find parallel scripture in Luke Chapter 6.
Read along to improve memorization of the chapter. It's important to memorize verses, stories and sometimes even entire chapters of the scriptures. When we can remember, it's easier to compare stories and even scriptures. This is the purpose of this video found in Youtube.

  • Article from Eshcolvalleey Ministry about being salt of the earth: This article focus on the message of The Mountain by Jesus where some of Jesus' radical teachings are rejected by many, but those teachings are what makes Christian salty.
  • Matthew 5 Greek : This is not a course in Greek, this just helps a glance to spot words differences. There are some other sites that can help you to learn the translation of the words and even Greek
  • Hebrew language and costumes: This site is to give you a better understanding of the meaning of words looking at the culture. As most people know, any language is fully understood by the culture of the speakers.
  • Christian Library Study Site: This site presents forums, discussions, and books on different important subjects related to the scriptures.
  • Life of the times of Jesus, The Messiah
  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah by Alfred Edersheim

    THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT - THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST AND RABBINIC TEACHING:This passage is totally related to this session. It will give us a better understanding of this chapter.